Yoga Practices for Pregnancy: Humming your way towards Calm

As our next Pregnancy Yoga workshop series edges closer, I’ve been reflecting on the way this offering came about and what I felt passionate to share and convey with other expecting mamas.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing insight into each workshop by exploring:

  • Common experiences women share
  • Ways yoga can support mamas-to-be
  • Specific techniques and/or information we will learn throughout the series

Breath, a direct link with our inner and outer environment, is a connecting thread through any practice of yoga. This makes it an ideal place to begin!


Keeping up with LBP (A.K.A. life before pregnancy), coupled with learning all there is to know about pregnancy and birthing, can make it difficult to meet the present moment. You might feel this arise as a sense of overwhelm or anxiety.

Our breath is one of the most powerful ways to help us regain a sense of groundedness, calm and openness to meet what’s to come. The quality of our breath mirrors our physical, emotional and mental state. By drawing our awareness to our breath, layered with a specific breathing technique, we can alter the way we feel.

Change is inevitable – this is something we tend to remember and forget, and remember again; our power lies in the way we create space for choice, within our current state. All that we can influence is in the present.


Next time you feel flustered or anxious – or even before such feelings arise, try this simple and powerful breath technique as a remedy and a preventative approach to invoking calm.


Any time during the day when you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or when you notice your mind racing


Calms an overactive mind due to the humming sound and vibration heard and felt in and around the head

Triggers receptors in the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for rest and digestion

Relieves anxiety and frustration


Sit in a comfortable seat with your eyes closed

Inhale through your nose, taking a deep belly breath

Exhale with your mouth closed, creating a medium-toned humming sound (equivalent to a c note), feeling the vibration behind your eyes and all the way up into the front of your head. This is one round – build-up to 30 rounds of breath.


After practising Brahmari, how do you feel? What did you observe about your body and mind when you practiced this breath?

If you’re trying this for the first time, it’s ok to not feel comfortable with this practice. It can seem strange humming to yourself. So maybe choose a time that works best for you when you’re alone and can fully immerse yourself in the practice. Persevere – it will get easier and seem more natural.


Brahmari can be a wonderful part of a yoga practice, and is regularly included in the classes at Estuary Yoga Space. If you’re curious to experience this breath with other like-minded yogis, come along to a class -myself, or any of our teaching team, will be glad to offer support where it’s useful for you.

You can contact me via email, Instagram, or come along for a class at Estuary Yoga Space

Thursday 7:30 – 8:30am – Vinyasa
Friday 6:00 – 7:15pm – Harmony (a blend of Vinyasa and Yin)


IG: @yogawithjuliarose

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